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Grappling Rules


We will be using a Hayastan Submission Grappling Rule System which is quite different than many rule systems presently in use with many other organizations.  This system seems to result in fewer injuries.  Safety is a main priority.


UNIFORM: Optional (Gi/ Draw String Shorts/ T-shirt/ Rashguard/No T-shirt/ Wrestling shoes/ etc)
Note- The only clothing allowed to be grabbed is a GI (top or bottom).


One 3 minute round WITH NO POINTS (submission win only 1st round).

One 2 minute overtime round WITH POINTS, if needed.

One Sudden Death round if needed (1st takedown wins).



The HGC uses a Modified Double Elimination system for brackets with more than 5 competitors. (This means, if you win through the bracket and meet someone that you have defeated before, the second time you do not have to defeat them again.)

True Double Elimination for brackets with 5 or less competitors. (This means that every competitor has to be defeated twice in a match to be eliminated from competition without exception. In this case you may have to face the same person twice even though you have defeated them previously. As well if you have been defeated by someone and meet them again, you may have to defeat them in two separate matches to eliminate them from the bracket.)

WIN BY: Submission, Points (in 2nd round), or Opponent Disqualification (2 Fouls or Judge's discretion)


POINTS: (for 2nd round only)


LEGAL TECHNIQUES: All finishing techniques must be applied in a gradual and safe manner or will result in disqualification!!! Safety first!! This means pressure gradually instead of jerking or jolting


Note: No Heel Hooks in Kid's Divisions.


ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES: Punishment is 1 foul or disqualification, at judge’s discretion

·         Strikes of any kind, -Not applying any submission in a slow, gradual manner, -Hair pulling, -Body slams from guard above waist high, -Making your opponent land on his/ her head, -Intentionally attempting to injure opponent with throw or takedown, -Touching of the eyes or groin,

·         Biting, fishhooking, pressure point use, or small joint manipulation (grabbing individual fingers or toes, or wrenching the ears or nose, etc),

·         Thumbing, scratching, pinching, or pulling skin, -Applying any slippery substance to the body, hair, or uniform, -Cursing, arguing with the judge, or general bad attitude.

·         Slamming: ZERO tolerance on slamming.  This is to avoid slamming to escape the guard and various submissions from the guard.  A competitor will be immediately disqualified.  NOTE: Takedowns are not considered slamming, unless intent to injure is determined by the judge.

·         Stalling: The judge will issue a warning for the 1st offense of stalling (i.e. backing out of the guard without engaging, butt scooign, fleeing the ring to avoid takedown/submission attempts).  The 2nd offense will result in a 2 point deduction.  A 3rd offense will result in a 3 point deduction.  A 4th offense will result in disqualification.

·         Unsportsmanlike conduct (judge’s discretion).  A Code of Conduct will be enforced. There will be zero tolerance on disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing judges or staff at any time before, during, or after any event.  If any spectator, coach, or competitor threatens or abuses the judge in any manner, shape, or form they will be escorted out of the building.


Remember, above all else we want everyone to have FUN and for there to be no injuries! 





These Divisions are a basic template and may be modified the day of the event to accommodate the competitors that are on hand.


Divisions will be by Age, Experience, and Weight as follows.  Weigh-in will be done on a bathroom type scale which may vary from other scales.



Weight Classes:

Rooster weight 130 and under

Feather weight - 131-145

Light Weight - 146-160

Welter weight - 161-175

Middle weight - 176-190

Light Heavy weight - 191-205

Heavy weight - 206-220

Super Heavy weight - 221-over



Beginner - 18 months and under

Intermediate - 19 months to 36 Months

Advanced - over 36 months



18 - 29

30 - 39

40 and over


Weight Classes:

Light Weight

Middle Weight

Heavy Weight


The exact weights for each category will be determined the day of the event based on the weight of the female competitors that attend.



Beginner - 18 months and under

Intermediate - 19 months to 36 Months

Advanced - over 36 months


18 and over



5-7 years old ( girls and boys will compete together)

8-10 years old ( girls and boys will compete together)

11-13 years old Boys

11-13 years old Girls

14-15 years old Boys

14-15 years old Girls

16-17 years old Boys

16-17 years old Girls


The exact weights for each category will be determined the day of the event based on the weight of the competitors that attend.