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General Rules


1.       Each competitor must present himself/herself to the head judge suitably attired with proper uniform and equipment and physically prepared to compete.  All competitors must be at ringside when the events start.  If not the competitor will not be allowed to compete.  If the competitor is competing in concurrent events they must report to one ring and inform the head judge of the situation.


2.       It is the responsibility of the competitor to know the rules and be ready for competition when called to do so.  Each event will be called three times at which time all competitors will be expected to be in the ring.  If they are not present to compete they will be disqualified.   The order, time, and location of events is subject to change at any time during the day.  Therefore, it is important for competitors to be available and aware of the current schedule.


3.       Medals will be presented to medal winners at the end of each event.  All event competitors are expected to be present.  If there is a conflict with another event the competitor will inform the ring’s head judge.


4.       Competitors must register and compete in a division appropriate to their level.

A.      Competitors must compete at the same skill level in all categories. i.e. if they compete in Advanced Grappling, they must compete in Advanced Sparring. Competitors must compete at the highest lever they have earned in the martial arts.

B.      If a competitor is at advanced level in a given art and is a beginner at the art they are currently studying they are not a beginner!  Experience is cumulative.

C.      Judges can and are expected to adjust a competitor’s level if they deem it necessary.


5.       UNIFORMS:  Competitors must wear their respective school uniform or a competition uniform.


6.       CONDUCT:  Competitors, their fellow school members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high level of discipline associated with the martial arts. No disrespect towards officials of this tournament will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, arguing with or cursing at the judges or other officials. Any person who acts in a disrespectful manner toward any official will be expelled from this tournament and may be banned from any future events.


7.       COMBINING DIVISIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS:  There must be a minimum of three competitors per event. Judges may combine divisions and/or classifications to satisfy this requirement.


8.       This is a double elimination tournament.




Additional Information



[     The Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy, CACMA, the schools participating therein, and the facilities in which the tournament is held are not responsible for any injuries, theft, losses, etc. resulting from participation in this tournament.