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School History

Hung Gar is an offspring of the of the kung fu system of the Shaolin Temple. It's founder, Hung Hei Gune, was the chief revolutionary fighter during the Ching dynasty. Hung learned his art from the Shaolin Monk named Gee Shimn Sien See, who was a expert in the tiger fist system (Fu Jow). The most famous Hung Gar master is Huang Fei Hung, who was accredited for developing and spreading the system.  Huang Fei Hung is also the creator of the most famous Hung Gar form, Fu Hok Cern Ying Kuen (Tiger-Crane Form). 

Tang Fong was a disciple of Huang Fei Hung.  It is said that his rigid ways prompted him to follow and document the Hung Ga Kuen teachings of Haung Fei Hung to the letter, thus he was referred to as Old Square Mind for his stubbornness to tradition. This statement cannot be confirmed, but it can be confirmed that he was known as the Tiger of Sai Kwan.

Tang Fong originally began learning Hung Gar Kuen from Lam Sai Wing, the disciple of Huang Fei Hung.  When Huang Fei Hung saw Tang Fong perform the Left-handed Plum Flower Spear he saw a lot of potential, but for his own reasons focused Dang’s training on Tit Da and herbal skills. As Dang Fong was determined to learn kung fu he would ask other students to teach him. He learned Fifth Brother Eight Trigram Staff (Ng Long Pah Kua Guang) from Ling Wan Gai, the Generals Broadsword (Ji Fai Do) from Lam Sai Wing, the Green Dragon Knife (Ching Lung Yan Yuet Do) from Chan Din Biu, etc. Then one day when Huang Fei Hung saw Tang Fong practicing the Green Dragon Knife, which he had never taught him, he realized his passion for learning and changed his focus to teaching him his Hung Ga Kuen. Afterward with Huang’s permission, Tang Fong opened a school in Yi Yung Tong, in Tai Ho Road of Sai Kwan District in Guangzhou. One day Tang Fong had a fight with a master named Yuen Hoi and defeated him. The fight gained him the name "Tiger of Sai Kwan". During the Lok Sin Theater incident, Tang Fong was one of the participants and injured many people and had to leave Guangzhou going to Southeast Asia. Dang Fong returned to China after the Ching Dynasty and after the Sino-Japanese war he moved to Hong Kong. In 1948, the Kowloon Jewelry Association and Hong Kong Fisher Market of the Eastern District invited Dang Fong to be their martial arts and lion dance teacher.

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